Lana Duval, "Retour à Rolling Hills", 2020, peinture digitale © Lana Duval

Mezzanine Sud

Prix des Amis des Abattoirs

This prize awarded by the Abattoirs accompanies and highlights artists under 35 years of age in the field of contemporary artistic creation. This year again, it benefits from the support of the Friends of the Abattoirs. This distinction marks once again the commitment of the Abattoirs to the development of the local scene and completes the numerous supports put in place by the establishment for several years.

This competition usually rewards three young artists from Occitania with a participation in the "Mezzanine Sud" exhibition organized annually by the Abattoirs on their site in Toulouse. It is a real highlight reserved to the young plastic creation of the region. Today, this prize continues to gain regional and national recognition, and serves as a springboard for most of the winners: acquisitions in public collections, new exhibition projects, etc.

This prize is intended for artists under 35 years of age who have a relationship with Occitania. This link may concern the place of birth, residence, work or training. Applications from single artists, duos or groups of artists are accepted.

The files are examined by a jury composed of the management and artistic direction of the Abattoirs, advisors in visual arts from the Ministry of Culture, an art critic, a former prize-winning artist and two representatives of the Friends of the Abattoirs.

The winners participate in the annual exhibition "Mezzanine Sud". In this group exhibition, each winner is given a space of approximately 80m2. In addition to technical support from Les Abattoirs for the realization of their exhibition, each winner receives a production budget of 3,000 euros and a lump sum corresponding to fees of 1,000 euros and travel expenses.

The year 2020 was special in many ways. The artists of that year worked on their exhibition without the public being able to discover them. That is why they are returning in 2021 with the three new winners.

The 2020 winners

  • Lana Duval
  • Bonella Holloway
  • Matthieu Sanchez
  • Anna Solal

The 2021 winners

  • Naomi Maury
  • Jimmy Richer
  • Maxime Sanchez

Installations, videos, paintings, sculptures, collages, or long term performances, these projects have been chosen for their strong proposals that respond to today's artistic and cultural issues. From what is left of painting or music in the time of digital technology, from the recovery of objects and their transformation in the time of great ecological questions, from the falsely traditional return to crafts, masonry, drawing and embroidery, this edition of Mezzanine Sud opens again a moment of discovery on how artists of the new generation integrate differently.


Conversation Annabelle Ténèze et Maxime Sanchez

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