Museum of modern and contemporary art in Toulouse, Midi-Pyrenees FRAC
Cildo Meireles, "Marulho", (détail)
Until January 4, 2015
les Abattoirs
Nicholas Mangan, "Nauru International Airport Tarmac", 2014
Until January 4, 2015
les Abattoirs
Anonyme (Asie, culture bactriane), Poids avec anse
Until March 1, 2015
les Abattoirs
art & project bulletins 1-156, september 1968-november 1989
From November 7, 2014
les Abattoirs - Mediatheque
Christophe Sarlin, "Desert Process"
From November 13, 2014
les Abattoirs

Outside the walls

Charley Case, "La grotte de l'humanité"
Until November 11, 2014
Bishops Palace, Saint-Girons (09)
Peter Kogler, Sans titre, 2005
Until November 11, 2014
Micropolis, City of insects, Saint-Leons (12)
Cevdet Erek
Until December 6, 2014
House Fermat Lomagne Beaumont (82)
Until January 24, 2015
Memo, Media Montauban (82)
Stéphane Calais, "L'or, le chien, et les oiseaux (n°2)", 2004-2005
Until May 2, 2015
Flaran Abbey, Valence-sur-Baise (32)


Saturday, November 1, 2014
Auditorium les Abattoirs
Léo Fabrizio, Riyad, Cities, from "Archetypal Landscape"
Thursday, November 20, 2014
Auditorium les Abattoirs



© Succession Picasso 2012

Unique and spectacular, "The body of the Minotaur in a harlequin costume", Pablo Picasso developed with Luis Fernandez in 1936, is an emblematic work. [Currently not shown]



Bruno Latour, sociologist, anthropologist, philosopher of science, named as La Novela researcher in 2014, discusses the “Anthropocene”, a term that refers to the time the “we earthlings” have become the main force of transformation of our planet.
Exhibition "Anthropocene Monument" from October 3, 2014. More

Tomás Saraceno, & quot; Museo Aero Solar & quot ;.
Expoistion & quot; Anthropocene Monument & quot; until 4 January 2015.

Christian Fennesz live the Packers Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014.

Shares region

10/25/2014 by ex.,
Beaumont Lomagne
To 06/12/2014
Media Montauban
To 01/24/2015
Micropolis, City of insects
To 11/11/2014