Museum of modern and contemporary art in Toulouse, Midi-Pyrenees FRAC
Georgik, Sans titre, 1985-1986 (détail)
To August 24, 2014
Slaughterhouses - 1st floor
Franz gertsch, "Johanna l" (détail), 1983/84.
To August 31, 2014
les Abattoirs
Susan Hiller, "Channels", 2013
To August 31, 2014
les Abattoirs

Outside the walls

Françoise Quardon, "Les voies de disparition"
To August 12, 2014
Space point of view, Lauzerte (82)
Thomas Grünfeld, "Misfits Ane / coq"
To August 28, 2014
Flaran Abbey, Valence-sur-Baise (32)
"Pipeline Field", 2010. Installation at Art Basel
To August 30, 2014
Chapelle Saint-Jacques, St Gaudens (31)
To August 31, 2014
Raymond Lafage Museum, Lisle-sur-Tarn (81)
Série Événements, Photogramme vidéo. Courtesy des artistes.
To August 31, 2014
Various locations in the Lot Valley
Kazuo Shiraga, Meiô, 1993 (détail)
To September 1, 2014
Henri Martin Museum, Cahors (46)
Michel AUBRY, Les tapis animés (2000-2010)
To September 13, 2014
Gallery Sainte-Catherine, Rodez (12)
Armand jalut, "CLASS FW600", 2013 (détail)
To October 19, 2014
Castle Taurines, Centrès (12)
Peter Kogler, Sans titre, 2005
To November 11, 2014
Micropolis, City of insects, Saint-Leons (12)
Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, "Ann Lee in Anzen Zone", 2000
From September 6, 2014
Abbey Escaladieu, Bonnemazon (65)



© Succession Picasso 2012

Unique and spectacular, "The body of the Minotaur in a harlequin costume", Pablo Picasso developed with Luis Fernandez in 1936, is an emblematic work. [Currently not shown]



Video of the exhibition Franz Gertsch capsule you can see the Packers until August 31.

Videos on YouTube

Susan Hiller, "Channels", 2013. Exhibition of the artist until August 31, 2014 at the Abattoirs.

Photographs on Tumblr

DJ Barnt in concert at the Abattoirs Thursday, April 10, 2014.

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Henri Martin Museum
To 01/09/2014
Castle Taurines
To 19/10/2014