Museum of modern and contemporary art in Toulouse, Midi-Pyrenees FRAC
Anonyme (Asie, culture bactriane), Poids avec anse
Until March 1, 2015
les Abattoirs
Christophe Sarlin
Until March 1, 2015
les Abattoirs
Wang Bing, "L'homme sans nom"
Until March 29, 2015
les Abattoirs
Pablo Picasso, "La dépouille du Minotaure en costume d'arlequin", 1936
Until January 3, 2016
les Abattoirs
"The Studio of Giacometti" par Jean Genet
From February 5, 2015
les Abattoirs - Mediatheque

Outside the walls

Stephen Dean, "Grand prix", 2006 (capture vidéo)
Until February 7, 2015
The Majorat - Visual Arts, Villeneuve-Tolosane (31)
Atelier Grégory Cuquel, Bidart, Juillet 2014
Until March 21, 2015
Lieu Commun
Stéphane Calais, "L'or, le chien, et les oiseaux (n°2)", 2004-2005
Until May 2, 2015
Flaran Abbey, Valence-sur-Baise (32)
Véronique Barthe, "Feu à volupté"
& Agrave; From February 7, 2015
Showroom and Municipal Library in Granada (31)
Yohann Gozard, Sans titre (de la série "Wonderpools"), mars 2012
& Agrave; From February 25, 2015
Cultural activity center Portet-sur-Garonne (31)
John Isaacs, "You said you would always be there" (skull), 2009
& Agrave; From February 26, 2015
National Civil Aviation School, Leonardo da Vinci Room
Basserode, Les altères de l'espace, 2005
& Agrave; From March 5, 2015
Plateforme d'art, Muret (31)


Thursday, February 5, 2015
Library le Square, Lourdes (65)
Friday, February 6, 2015
Library les beaux Jours, Tarbes (65)
Friday, February 13, 2015
Barèges (65)
Thursday, February 26th, 2015
les Abattoirs - 1st floor
Michael Beckett (aka KPTMICHIGAN)
Saturday, March 7, 2015
les Abattoirs



© Succession Picasso 2012

Unique and spectacular, & quot; The body of the Minotaur costume of Harlequin & quot ;, Pablo Picasso designed with Luis Fernandez in 1936, is an iconic work.
Visible as of January 29, 2015


Bruno Latour, sociologist, anthropologist, philosopher of science, named as La Novela researcher in 2014, discusses the “Anthropocene”, a term that refers to the time the “we earthlings” have become the main force of transformation of our planet.

Presentation of the exhibition & quot; Anthopocène Monument & quot;

Pathways & quot; exposure, jellies facilities & rsquo; Eric Mutel - Photography T.Santini
The exhibition for a day as part of & quot; The Art summits & quot ;.

Photographs on the Tumblr account Abattoirs

Christian Fennesz live the Packers Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014.

Presentation of the concert

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