Mezzanine Sud - Prix des Amis des Abattoirs

Edition 2024 - Call for projects

Supported by the Friends of Les Abattoirs, this prize marks the commitment of Les Abattoirs, Musée - Frac Occitanie Toulouse, to the development of contemporary artistic creation. It highlights the dynamism of the young local scene and rewards artists under the age of 35 with links to the Occitanie region, whether through their place of birth, studies or work.

Chosen by a jury, the winners receive exhibition space, a production budget and honoraria. Today, the prize continues to gain regional and national recognition, serving as a springboard for most of the winning artists (acquisitions into public collections, new exhibition projects, etc.).


The prize is open to artists under 35 who have a connection with the Occitanie region. This connection may relate to their place of birth, residence, work or training. Entries will be accepted from single artists, duos or groups of artists.


Entries are examined by a jury including the management and artistic direction of Les Abattoirs, art advisers from the Ministry of Culture, an art critic, a former prize-winning artist and two representatives of Les Amis des Abattoirs.


The winners will take part in the annual "Mezzanine Sud" exhibition. In this group exhibition, each prizewinner is given his or her own space of around 80m2. In addition to technical support from Les Abattoirs for the exhibition, each winner receives a production budget of €3,000 (creation, transport, performance, etc.) and a lump sum of €1,000 for fees.

For the first time this year, the exhibition presented at Les Abattoirs may be touring Occitanie. The artists will be involved, and a rider will be issued to the contract for this regional stage (exhibition time, fees, presentation conditions).


Winners 2023: