It's your choice! The children's exhibition

In 2022, Les Abattoirs already organised a "participatory exhibition", where everyone could vote for their favourite works. The works that received the most votes were then exhibited in the building's rooms.

The experiment is being repeated today, but especially for children!

It's up to you to choose your favourites from a shortlist of works from the Abattoirs collections.

How do you vote?

This project is open to all children aged 3 to 11 in France. There are two ways to vote:

Feel free to express your emotions by voting: which work touched you? moved you? made you laugh or cry? Which do you find beautiful or interesting? Last but not least, which works would you like to see exhibited at Les Abattoirs? We'll post the comment that touched, intrigued or surprised us most next to the work.

End of voting: 10 March at 11.59pm

Your exhibition will open at 6pm on 30 May.

Well done, you've voted!