Nuit des Musées 2022 (Night of the Museums)

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Les Abattoirs
Entrée libre

Welcome to Les Abattoirs !
Les Abattoirs, Museum - Frac Occitanie Toulouse, is a place of conservation, exhibition and promotion of modern and contemporary art. We are happy to open our doors exceptionally for one night. This will be an opportunity for you to discover or rediscover the temporary exhibitions through an eclectic program!

Music and events :
- DJ set on the square, from 6 to 11 pm: On the square, SoundFari, a forerunner in musical mixes, will get you moving with a live DJ set featuring soul, hip-hop, funk and afro-beat.
- DJ set at the back of the museum, from 6pm to 11pm: Come and listen to a DJ set around Latin music, from Cuba to Brazil, from the West Indies to Argentina, in a rich and tasty harmonic walk.

Bar and restaurant:
- L'Hémicycle, from 6pm to 11pm: Enjoy tapas and wine at the restaurant l'Hémicycle to the sound of Latin music!
- Food truck - bar, from 6pm to 11pm: On the square, you will find Papinette, an innovative foodtruck between French gastronomy and South American influences.

Mediations and workshops :
- Workshops for children, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm: Anne and Marie, plastic artists and mediators offer a discovery of materials and arts in the museum's exhibitions. One of the workshops is reserved for children from 6 to 10 years old, while the other offers you to create together, between parents and children.
- Student mediations, from 6:30 pm to 8 pm: Anna and Iliana, mediation students in Toulouse, are waiting for you in the rooms of Manifeste ORLAN. Bodies and Sculptures with playful and original mediations.
- Lightning tours, between 8pm and 9pm: 10 minutes a work: through a lightning tour, Angèle highlights a particular work in the exhibition Manifeste ORLAN. Corps et Sculptures.
- Guided tours, at 7pm and 9pm : Eric will take you to discover "A vous de choisir", the participative exhibition of works chosen by the public of the Abattoirs itself !
- Commented LSF tour, at 7pm: Loïc will take you on a tour in sign language of the exhibition Manifeste ORLAN. Corps et Sculptures.
- LSF show Phantoms of the museum, at 8pm and 9pm: The Compagnie Danse des Signes will bring sign language to life in the four corners of the Abattoirs and will surprise you at the turn of the works: poetry, dance, cartels embodied by the Sign, everything will be good to open your eyes and senses, and discover the works of art at night at the same time as the ghosts signing the museum!

Animations :
- Mobile workshop, from 6pm to 11pm: For young and old, DIECLAU Tour presents a bike show accompanied by an initiation to the basic figures.
- Drawing workshop on the forecourt, from 6pm to 11pm: In front of the museum, accompanied by DIECLAU Tour, participate in creating a collaborative fresco!

- Carte blanche to PRIDE Toulouse in the context of the 2022 Diversity Festival, in the auditorium from 6 to 11 pm: Screening of the short films FEU and VAUCOULEURS in the presence of the directors and members of the technical teams, followed by an exchange with the public. Performances by Lady Croustade, a drag queen from Toulouse; by Mika Pagnat, around a po(e-li)tic creation that makes the body speak, gives it to see, to think and to be; and by the Petits Ducs, a vocal quintet from Toulouse, which explores a repertoire of French and international songs mixed with opera and musicals.
- Tattooed bodies and care practices: therapeutic tattooing sessions between 12:00 and 11:00 pm - only on reservation: in the museum's rooms, in the middle of the works, come and participate in a therapeutic tattooing session, where the transformation of the body is thought of as an act of care. These sessions will be carried out in the strictest respect of the rules of hygiene related to the practice of tattooing. To book and for all inquiries: via Instagram with Rafaël Cellier @fromskytoskin or Lucas Manganelli @ellemhandpoke. You will also be able to meet Julie,, who will make you discover her tattoo practice. This proposal takes place after the Thursday of May 12: "Tattooed bodies and care practices", a conference with Elena Sorokina, Luc Renaut and Rafaël Cellier.