La Ribot - Distinguished Anyways

A performance to be discovered by the sunset in the courtyards of Les Abattoirs.

Cours des Abattoirs
Admission charge, booking recommended

Traversée La Ribot Ensemble

Born in Madrid and living in Geneva, La Ribot is a dancer, choreographer, director and visual artist. Her multi-faceted work, at the crossroads of dance, video and live installation, escapes definition. Since the 1980s, she has profoundly altered the field of contemporary dance, overturning the norms of stage performance. In particular, she was one of the first choreographers to invest museums and galleries so openly.

Over the course of a weekend, La Ribot Ensemble will take over the theater, the Garonne workshop and the courtyard of Les Abattoirs, Musée - Frac Occitanie Toulouse.
On the program: an installation (Walk the Authors), a film (Mariachi 17) and two dance performances: LaBOLA and Distinguished Anyways (in the light of the setting sun) and a free La Ribot discovery workshop (Sunday June 23 at 3pm), open to all, with registration.

Admission €10
Reservations recommended at Théâtre Garonne and ticket office on site.

Distinguished Anyways takes place without electricity, shortly before sunset. Three couples explore color and the power of paint, right up to the point of darkness... Created in Rome, to the sound of the city, its bells, birds and cars, the play is performed here in the courtyard of Les Abattoirs.

"Distinguished Anyways is led by the sunlight that, as it sets, subtly extinguishes colors by transforming them into shadows, liberating bodies from their marks and the limits imposed on them. Night reveals the possibility of the other." Jaime Conde Salazar, playwright

Created at the invitation of the Spanish Academy in Rome, Distinguished Anyways is the sixth in the Distinguished Pieces series. Inspired by Rome's age-old artistic heritage, its omnipresent marbles and Italian painting, La Ribot here declines the gesture of painting in three successive colors: red, white and ash-gray (colors inspired by the Virgin of the Melun Dyptique, painted by Jean Fouquet around 1452). The liquid paint spills over the bodies, staining them irreparably. Paint, a sticky substance that marks and shows, highlights the way in which artists have manipulated and used bodies over the centuries.

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Credits :

direction and concept La Ribot
choreography and interpretation with Piera Bellato, Martin Gil, Mathilde Invernon, Lisa Laurent, Juan Loriente, Ludovico Paladini
playwriting Jaime Conde Salazar
text Adaptation of Vitruvius' De Architectura (c. 15 BC)
costumes La Ribot
costume and props designer Coralie Chauvin
production manager Aude Martino
production and communications assistant Iris Obadia
technical and lighting director Marie Prédour
administrator Gonzague Bochud
production La Ribot Ensemble

Premiere on June 19, 2021 at the Real Academia de España in Rome.