or "How do you watch?"

les abattoirs
Free entrance

During this evening, you are invited to discover the video-dance created during the week of RÉSI-DANSE AUX ABATTOIRS from 18 to 25 June with participants/members of the GEM (mutual aid group for people with psychological difficulties) in the rooms of the exhibition "Liliana Porter, the reality game. From the 1960s to today".

This work, immersed in the heart of a museum of singular dancer-participants, in dialogue with its architecture and the works of Liliana Porter, makes it possible to ask the simple question: how do we look? What does the body see so that it enters into movement, dance and dialogue with a work?

Anne Pellus, lecturer in dance at the University of Toulouse / LLA CREATIS laboratory and Mathilde Aubry, will accompany this evening to discuss this theme: how do we look in a museum and exhibition context?

The project Danse au Musée is conceived and produced by Elsa Decaudin/PULX and is supported by the Drac, the Région Occitanie and the Abattoirs, Musée - Frac Occitanie Toulouse in collaboration with the GEM Microsillons.

DANSE AU MUSÉE is a project led by Elsa Decaudin and the PulX structure since 2014, it is deployed on the territory of Occitanie with singular participants, mainly with adults from the Groupe d'Entraide Mutuelle (for people with psychological or neurological difficulties), the APF (association des paralysées de France), the CEMA (mental handicap) and also with children from the ULIS system or primary classes, with these participants-dancers generally coming from the city's political districts. In 2023 the project was deployed at the Museum of Modern Art in Céret, the MO.CO and Fabre museums in Montpellier, the Museum of Fine Arts in Nîmes, the Archbishops' Palace Museum in Narbonne, the Soulages Museum in Rodez and the Abattoirs.

In Toulouse, the project is financially supported by the Occitanie Region and the Drac.

For more information: https://pulx.org/projets/danse-au-musee

Elsa Decaudin is a choreographer with the PulX structure based in Montpellier. She develops various and varied projects, from performances to short films. As a choreographer in the field, she was in residence for 4 years at the Montpellier School of Architecture. For several years she has been developing popular education projects around dance creation with a diverse and varied public, such as the District Danse projects in Montpellier and Danse au Musée in Occitanie.