Lucie Laflorentie, Archive familiale de l'artiste @ Lucie Laflorentie

L'amour, Labeur, Labour (Love, Labour, Work)

Lucie Laflorentie has a deep attachment to the farming world from which she comes, a world founded on respect for the land, where tools and manual labour occupy a central place. A childhood spent walking these fields, where humans have incorporated lines (from farm buildings to rows of crops), building little piles of earth at the foot of the hill in a mirror, skewed by a childish confusion of proportions, gave rise to a dynamic way of looking that the artist would go on to enrich. Her participation in this project seemed inevitable. Following a residency with Véronique Terrade, a winegrower, she presents here a new stage in her work on the world of the farmer. Produced in partnership with the Association Marciac Parcours créatif and the Galerie Bleue-Plaimont, this project is spread over two sites that also host a selection of works by cultural institutions from the Occitanie region. A look where body and heart intertwine in the footsteps of a family history that is both personal and universal.

Partnership: Cœur Sud-Ouest, Mairie de Marciac, Association Marciac Parcours Créatif and Cave Coopérative de Saint-Mont.
In residence with Véronique Terrade from 2 to 14 April 2024
Curator: William Gourdin