Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Toulouse, FRAC Midi-Pyrénées

Sounds and visions - 100 records

The collection of records of the Abattoirs Library
From 9 november 2018 to 10 february 2019
les Abattoirs

In recent years, the return of a taste in vinyl records has rocked recording artists worldwide. This presentation from the collection takes stock of this comeback from album-cover art, to musical artists or composers, or sculptural reappropriations of the records or record players themselves.

From the very early 1960s, the artist’s book has accompanied transformations in contemporary art. Alongside the collection of works from Les Abattoirs, Musée - Frac Occitanie Toulouse, the collection of artist’s books from the Library, now endowed with over 3 500 books, provides an overview of these transformations and highlights the primordial role of the written word, texts, and books in art today. Along with these books, the Library conserves nearly one hundred records, exhibited here for the first time.

While music has always inspired painters, artistic and musical modernities have formed close ties since the turn of the century, which have guided artistic transformations, from abstraction through to performance. The records reflect this rich interaction, for instance with some surprising conferences recorded by Yves Klein and the well-known cover with the banana designed by Andy Warhol for the Velvet Underground.

List of all the vinyls of the exhibition (FR)