Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Toulouse, FRAC Midi-Pyrénées

Exposition en cours

Exposition en cours

En cours

Laure Prouvost, "Deep See Blue Surrounding You / Vois ce bleu profond te fondre" (extraits), 2019. © Galerie Nathalie Obadia, carlier | gebauer, Lisson Gallery
From 24 january to 31 may 2020
les Abattoirs
Les Abattoirs are pleased to welcome the first stop of Laure Prouvost's touring pavilion for the 58th edition of the Venice Biennial. Read more
  • Marion Mounic, "Open", 2018, boîtier d’enseigne lumineuse, néon flexible sur batterie, machine à brouillard, © Marion Mounic ; photo : Cyril Boixel
Through 7 february 2020
les Abattoirs
The Mezzanine Sud Award accompanies and highlights emerging artists of contemporary art in connection with Occitania. The laureates benefit from exposure and production support. Charlie Aubry, the Collective PFFF and Marion Mounic are the selected artists of this 2019 edition. Read more
  • Carolee Schneemann, "Parts of a Body House". Texte. In : Wolf Vostell & Dick Higgins. Fantastic Architecture, [New York] : Something Else Press, 1969. Pages 62, 65 – 72, 77 – 80
Through 8 february 2020
les Abattoirs Library
A key figure in American and international art, Carolee Schneemann (1939–2019) was a pioneer in performance art and the relationship between cinema and art, as well as being a trailblazer for an early generation of feminist artists. Her work also demonstrates her reflection on the body and the social status of women. This exhibition is in homage to the artist, who passed away recently. Read more
  • Collections Daniel Cordier. Donation au Mnam-CCi, dépôt aux Abattoirs © photogr. Sylvie Leonard
Through 31 may 2020
les Abattoirs
This exhibition aims to show the link between the documentary film The statues also die and the collection Daniel Cordier, in deposit to les Abattoirs since the opening in the year 2000. Read more
  • Raphaël Zarka,  Etude pour une œuvre monumentale à protocole. Rampe Cycloïdale, 2015 - 2016, Commande du Centre national des arts plastiques en 2015, coll. FNAC 2016-0095 © Raphaël Zarka / Cnap ; crédit photo : Yves Chenot
les Abattoirs
Raphaël Zarka's Cycloid Ramp is a continuation of the artist's research on skateboarding culture. Zarka offers skaters the opportunity to re-experience the laws of classical mechanics on a human scale. Read more


© Elizabeth Young ; photo: DR
From 28 february 2020
les Abattoirs
Les Abattoirs continue their collaboration with l'Institut national d'histoire de l'art to present a selection of engravings by Takesada Matsutani. Read more