Yoga classes at les Abattoirs

Come and practice Hatha Yoga in the exhibition rooms of les Abattoirs

Les Abattoirs

Classes run from 12.20pm to 1.30pm.
Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to check registration and to ensure that the class starts on time - Saturday 8 October (yoga for all)

- Saturday 22 October (yoga for all)
- Saturday 5 November (family yoga for parents and children)
- Saturday 12 November (yoga for all)
- Saturday 26 November (yoga for all)
- Saturday 10 December (yoga for all)
- Saturday 17 December (family yoga for parents and children)

All levels - Places are limited.
Beginners welcome.

Adult fee: 14 €.
Child rate: 11 €.
These prices include entrance to the museum.

Online booking only:

Abattoirs Yoga pour tous :

Abattoirs Yoga for families :

Make sure you bring your mat and come dressed in soft, comfortable clothing.
For those who are cold, think of a small jumper or a thin blanket.
Avoid eating too much at least one hour before coming.
Drinks are not allowed in the museum.

For further information, please contact

Géraldine Avisse, yoga teacher
Tel: 06 78 11 13 85