Variabilités en échos

XXVIth Rencontres Internationales Traverse, from 15 March to 2 April 2023 in Toulouse

Free admission subject to availability

From the outset, the sound and the recognition of the pioneers: SEAM is written with two anonymous recordings on wax cylinders, one of the first audio recording media, the experimental being thought of in the sound/image interrelation. Resonation - Speak to Awaken: Ep.1 Diving Into Siraya - Live Recording from Taiwan worries about the disappearance of a language, mixing computer-generated images and documentary shots of schoolchildren.

And films draw the dreamed, lost landscape, to be replanted, to be inhabited in the variability of sensitivities, urgencies, writings and the origin of views across the world. Very colourful digital poetry or renewed sepia, black hole or trace on the film in flat circulation or in vibrant activity, in the infra-thin or the iconic precision. In the performative swimming under an improbable floating forest, in the pixelation of a palace that has become a ghost, the most urgent concerns and the reflection on the Engram linked to ecology or entropy are suggested in artistic language. The tree in shadow or by scanning a place, invites to question or to meditate, to a sensitive approach or to a thoughtful distance. It invites happiness when we relearn to inhabit the world in a human way or when we let ourselves be taken in by the ambiguity of the plan, ink or photograph, painting or film... by the malleability of the image, of the graphic on iceberg and mountain plans where a female silhouette slips into these torments.

As a coda to Parya Vatankhah's performance, PURPOSEFUL WALK mixes personal memories and William Blacke's universe, uniting pictorial inventions, heritage and those of video and digital technology.

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Parya Vatankhah, Our lives matter, 20min (FR/IR)

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