The Festival of the Short at the Abattoirs

The Séquence Court-Métrage festival offers you a unique afternoon

les Abattoirs
Free entrance

On the occasion of the Short Film Festival, the Séquence Court-Métrage festival offers you a unique afternoon at the Abattoirs. On the programme, screenings for all audiences and the "Face à face", a participative audiovisual installation that takes a different approach to dating applications!


Continuous and free access from 2pm to 6pm (auditorium entrance)
An installation proposed by Alain Chaix (Association La Trame)

Our dating application is so huge, it doesn't fit in a smartphone! To hell with privacy, take up dating in public. Entrust your image without thinking to our approximate algorithm to find your better half! Or not.

Screening programme :

2.15pm - PROGRAMME 1 - "Best of
Duration 50 min - All audiences - from 13 years old

A childhood in Saigon, a runaway at the swimming pool, a painter who loses her footing or garage-trapists... To start the afternoon, discover an eclectic programme of four short films with a mix of fiction and animation!

BACH-HÔNG - Elsa Duhamel - France - Animation - 2019 - 18
Jeanne, born in 1959 in Saigon, lives a golden childhood, protected from the war that then opposes North and South Vietnam. Fascinated by horses, Jeanne rides a mare named Bach-Hông. But on April 30, 1975, the Communists take over Saigon.

VOLTIGE - Léo Brunel - France - Animation - 2017 - 1 '
Two garage owners are quietly finishing their day's work when an unexpected event forces them to play trapeze artists...

SWIMMER - Jonatan Etzler - Sweden - Fiction - 2020 - 13
A car belonging to a suspect has been spotted in front of a swimming pool, the police arrive to try to arrest the fugitive.

LE MONDE EN SOI (THE WORLD IN ITSELF) - Sandrine Stoianov, Jean-Charles Finck - France - Animation - 2019 - 18
A young painter preparing for her first exhibition invests herself in her creation, until she loses her grip on reality and sinks into a hallucinatory chaos.



"Promenons-nous dans les bois" (Let's walk in the woods)
Duration 32 min - Young audience - from 5 years old - Session followed by a snack

Whether the wolf is there or not, there are lots of wonderful creatures to discover in the woods!

LE RETOUR DU GRAND MÉCHANT LOUP (THE RETURN OF THE BIG BAD WOLF) - Pascale Hecquet - France - Animation - 2019 - 10
The Big Bad Wolf is back and has every intention of returning to his good habits! But when he meets Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma and the gamekeeper he discovers that times are changing...

LE MERLE (THE SEAL) - Norman McLaren - United Kingdom - Animation - 1958 - 4
To the rhythm of an old folk song, a blackbird undergoes a metamorphosis.

CŒUR FONDANT (MELTING HEART) - Benoît Chieux - France - Animation - 2019 - 10
To share her chocolate fondant heart with her friend, Anna has to cross an icy forest. This forest is haunted by a new inhabitant, a scary bearded giant!

MISCELLANÉES (MISCELLANEOUS) - Anne Lise King - France - Animation - 2010 - 4
Night falls on the Queyras mountains. A strange being appears in the forest and plants a seed that gives birth to a tree with magic leaves....



« Le court des grands »
Duration 1h40 - All audiences from 13 years old

Rediscover the first steps of great filmmakers with a selection of short films by Denis Villeneuve, Andréa Arnold, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Monia Chokri and Antonin Peretjatko.

MADRE - Rodrigo Sorogoyen - Spain - Fiction - 2017 - 18
In Spain, a woman receives a phone call from her six-year-old son who is on holiday with his father in France. And the worst begins...

PANIQUE AU SÉNAT (PANIC IN THE SENATE) - Antonin Peretjatko - France - Fiction - 2017 - 17'
Following a hastily organised election and a strange game of alliances, the new president of the Senate is an ecologist. His reign begins.

WASP - Andrea Arnold - United Kingdom - Fiction - 2003 - 26
A poor single mother is trying to figure out what to do with her four children when the man she loves asks her out on a date. She is determined...

NEXT FLOOR - Denis Villeneuve - Canada - Fiction - 2008 - 11
During an opulent and luxurious banquet, eleven guests, served by a horde of valets and attentive servants, participate in a strange ritual...

QUELQU’UN D’EXTRAORDINAIRE (SOMEONE EXTRAORDINARY) - Monia Chokri - France - Fiction - 2013 - 28
Sarah, 30, beautiful and intelligent, has everything to succeed. But her anxiety and her fear of not being exceptional push her into inertia. One morning...