Signé Giacometti (Signed Giacometti)

As part of the "Le temps de Giacometti" cultural cycle

Les Abattoirs

The Danse des Signes company returns to Les Abattoirs for a new edition of Signé l'artiste, based around the exhibition Le temps de Giacometti (1946-1966), performances by Martin Cros & Pierre Luga, designed by Lucie Lataste as part of the cultural cycle Le temps de Giacometti.

For this Signé Giacometti performance, the Cie Danse des signes invites you to observe the dimensions of the hands, heads and busts, to trace the lines of these spaces: to integrate the sculptures into a dance space, a suspended time. Two men, the sculptor and the model, invite you into this encounter between sign language, music and the works of Alberto Giacometti.

This performance will be accompanied by a tour in sign language by Juliette Dalle & Loïc Ambert at 5pm, ask at reception.

The Compagnie Danse des Signes is at the crossroads of dance, theatre and sign language.

It was founded in 2009 on the initiative of Lucie Lataste, who asked herself: why not create a piece that is danced, acted and experienced in sign language only?

La danse des signes was born out of the sign language's inherent ability to say and move at the same time, to express while breathing, to be a poet while dancing. The words give birth to a dance, based on states of being, on the spoken word, on the text, leading to a choreography that conveys meaning. This process takes place between bodies, texts, signs, movements and sensations. It's a theatre of dance combined with the power of signs.

The company aims to be a breeding ground for artists, creativity and opportunities for Deaf signers and the contemporary creative scene.

This project is supported by the State - Prefecture of the Occitanie Region

Signé Giacometti