Fleur Noguera, "Devonian Levels", 2011, vidéo couleur, muette, issue d'un film super 8 transféré en 16 mm et numérisé ; © Fleur Noguera

Zoom sur le paysage (Focus on the landscape)

Works from the collections of Les Abattoirs, Museum - Frac Occitanie Toulouse

With the artists: John Batho, Ali Cherri, Hervé Crépet, Olivier Debré, Jean-Bernard Durupt, Yohann Gozard, Suzanne Husky, François Malbreil, Fleur Noguera, Carlos Uribe

Landscape is a recurring theme in the work of artists and exhibitions. The word landscape instinctively evokes the natural: a plain, mountains, the sea. However, it is not limited to these elements. The exhibition Zoom sur le paysage(Focus on the landscape) proposes to go beyond the common imaginary and to explore the multiplicity of interpretations of the landscape that artists have to offer us. It is also about deconstructing the relationship of contemplation of humans to landscapes.

The artists exhibited propose various points of view, whether by the nature of the landscape, the intention of its representation or the chosen medium. Thus, urban or rural landscapes rub shoulders with nocturnal landscapes; political claims dialogue with simple didactic retranscriptions and video rubs shoulders with tapestry. A selection of artists' books summoning up the imagery of landscape is also presented.