Célie Falières, Échos, photographie argentique (remerciement à Marie Mouly), 2017 © courtesy de l’artiste


Walter Barrientos, Célie Falières, Florence Garrabé

The Transhumance exhibition brings together three artists with mountain roots, whose personal journeys and reflections are linked to the world of agriculture and pastoral care, and to questions of nature and craftsmanship. Transhumance" evokes the mobility of people and herds, the transformation of landscapes, the adaptation to resources and also a culture and stories. The demands and richness of this ancestral practice are echoed in the artistic work of the three artists invited to Hang-Art, set in the heart of a majestic Pyrenean landscape. Walter Barrientos, influenced by his childhood experience as a nomadic shepherd, celebrates Pachamama, Mother Earth, in narrative compositions populated by hybrid creatures. Célie Falières creates a new 'pastoral' narrative, drawing on the repertory of the natural sciences, arts and crafts, as well as local resources. Finally, Florence Garrabé evokes 'la Douce France', the transformation of its agricultural landscapes, the question of biodiversity and quality of life in rural areas. Exhibition co-produced by Les Abattoirs, Musée - Frac Occitanie Toulouse and the Commune of Esquièze-Sère, with objects and tools from the local agropastoral heritage on loan from the Économie Montagnarde. In partnership with Carde and the Barèges-Gavarnie AOP. Curator: Emmanuelle Hamon