Aurelia Muñoz, "Orante", 1968, collection les Abattoirs, Musée - Frac Occitanie Toulouse, cordes en coton (macramé), 101 x 50 cm © droits réservés ; photo Courtesy Galerie José de la Mano, Madrid (Espagne)

Les petites mains (The little hands)

A look at needlework and threadwork in the museum's collections

Artists: Arièle Bonzon, Yvonne Calsou, Jean Dieuzaide, Safaa Erruas, Géraldine Fohr, Laura Gourmel, Louise Hopkins, Isao, Lawrence Lemaoana, Aurelia Muñoz

In the past, in the countryside, there was domestic crafts based around textiles. The local production of wool, hemp or linen was prepared, spun and woven on the farms or in the homes. For centuries, needlework helped to educate girls, whether at home or at school. These domestic activities, which were necessary for the household, were also jobs in their own right, and most often performed by women. These "little hands", who were not uncommon in the villages, are the focus of the eponymous exhibition at the Musée Calbet. Alongside the ethnographic textile collections, works by guest artists or selected works from the  selected from the Abattoirs' collections, bringing together the Abattoirs' collections, providing a fresh perspective on these heritage objects.

Exhibition co-produced by the Musée Calbet and Les Abattoirs
In partnership with the PAHLM
Curated by: Célia Touffu