La peinture est-elle une arme ? [Is paint a weapon?]

This new exhibition of works from the collections of Les Abattoirs, Musée - Frac Occitanie Toulouse at La Fabrique des Arts, École des Beaux-arts de Carcassonne explores the representation of war in modern and contemporary art. The genres are a mixture of landscape, portrait, pictorial and photographic evidence. The result is often images of commitment and propaganda.

These representations can be found in the work of the artists on show: Dove allouche, Michel Aubry, Matthias Bruggmann, Robert Combas, Mounir Fatmi, Nata Levitasova, Daniela Ortiz, Eric Poitevin, Miguel Àngel Rojas, Vladimir Veličkovič and Jérome Zonder, as well as in the work of guest artists Yevgen Piskunov and Etienne Cliquet.

Accompanied by a selection of books by artists from the Abattoirs collection, Marc Bauer, Christian Boltanski, Robert Capa, Dorothy Goizet, Anne & Patrick Poirier, Gerhard Richter, Collier Schorr, Giovanna Silva and Eric Tabuchi, the exhibition offers a suspended look at the consequences and atrocities of war, and the questions that infuse our contemporary societies subjected to a constant stream of images of armed conflict.

As Pablo Picasso did with his famous painting 'Guernica', the works on display here attempt to take us as witnesses to a history that is past, present and yet to come, without taking sides, to remind us that the march for peace is itself a struggle.

The exhibition will be preceded by a conference on 26 January 2024 from 6.00pm with Jérôme DELAPLANCHE, Art Historian, former Director of the Art History Department at Villa Médicis, Sylvie LE RAY-BURIMI, Chief Curator of Heritage, Head of the Fine Arts and Heritage Department at the Musée de l'Armée des Invalides and Géraud SEZNEC, Referent Commander for Heritage, French Army.