Alain Astruc, "Vallée du Célé", de la série "Dans la vallée de l’étrange", juin 2023, synthographie réalisée dans le cadre de Cahors Juin Jardins 2023 © Alain Astruc / Cahors Juin Jardins

Humus Miraculum

Artists: Alain Astruc, Camille Charnay, Anne Da Silva, Côme Di Meglio, Alderic Doyen, Margaux Fontaine, Alice Freytet, Justine Grange, Ju Yun Lee, Levaillant & Corblin, Emilie Losch, Elsa Marchand-Cormery, Brendan Piroué, Nathalie Rey, Arthur Sajas

Art, Nature and Citizenship, three interactions that define the region's cultural project, in 2024, Juin Jardins will focus on humus, the top layer of soil created, maintained and modified by the decomposition of organic matter. Humus inspires art and artists because it expresses the relationship between humans and nature, life and death, the organic and the inorganic, as a metaphor for artistic creation,  by transforming existing elements into something new and unique. This theme also invites us to reflect on art and humus, feeding ourselves and feeding the earth, the living and the dead,  funeral rites and terramation (the decomposition of bodies into humus), with the Humo Sapiens association and artist Nathalie Rey.

As part of the Cahors Juin Jardins Festival, 19th edition, from 1 to 30 June 2024 Curator: Isabelle Marrou


Preview on 30 May, debate on the subject of humus and the principles of regenerative agriculture and screening of the film Bienvenue les vers de terre by François Stuck, followed by a discussion with the public.

Inaugural weekend on 31 May, 1 and 2 June 2024:
exhibitions, installations, performances, walks and workshops, round table, information stand, meeting/debate, in the city's outstanding gardens and private gardens in Cahors (46).