David Michaël Clarke, "Unité d’habitation pour 24 lapins", 2014, Sculpture 186 x 244 x 156 cm, coll. les Abattoirs © Adagp, Paris

Habitats insolites (Unusual habitats)

Artists: David Michaël Clarke, Élise Gagnebin-de-Bons, N55

Collections les Abattoirs, Musée - Frac Occitanie Toulouse

English artist David Michaël Clarke's Housing Unit for 24 rabbits, inspired by Le Corbusier's Cité radieuse, the nomadic snail house by Danish collective N55 and Élise Gagnebin-de-Bons' sculpture, which incorporates bodily movement into architecture, make up the new exhibition "Habitats insolites". These utopian works, at the crossroads of sculpture, architecture and design, are the fruit of artistic research that has given rise to these functional and playful objects.