Martha Fély, "Les brebis et la cloche en céramique", 2021 © Martha Fely


Adjacent to the Pyrenees National Park, the commune of Aulon lies on the border between mountain pastures, forestry and agriculture. In the heart of this territory, women farmers produce wool and cheese. They represent contemporary mountain farming, and are simultaneously breeders, producers and land managers. The flocks of sheep are the artisans of these landscapes, shaping them as they move from season to season. This mountain agriculture is echoed by the guest artists: Martha Fely, following her residency with shepherdess Céline Chemla, and Darla Murphy, following her experience working with shepherds in the Alps. Rounding off this duo, Suzanne Husky's tapestry from the Abattoirs collections, evoking the famous medieval tapestry of the 'Lady with the Unicorn', gives way to a reflection on contemporary environmental issues. It's a way of understanding the specific nature of farming in a mountain environment, and the ecological and economic issues it raises. It's an experience that can be experienced like a hike or a summer pasture, both in and out of the field.

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Exhibition co-produced by Les Abattoirs in partnership with Associationle Transfo and the commune of Aulon
In residence from 7 to 26 May 2024 at the home of Céline Chemla, Shepherdess
Curator: Louise Nicolas de Lamballerie and William Gourdin