"M33", Résidence Creuser au Centre d’art Contemporain Raymond Farbos, Mont de Marsan, 2023, photo des artistes

Creux, Samples et Soleil (Hollows, Samples and Sunshine)

Artistes : Kevin Chrismann, Laura Freeth, Matthieu Sanchez

Ever since Kevin and Laura heard about a combine harvester buried in the ground on a farm, he and she have had the intuition to dig, to make holes. Digging in the ground like dogs that have left a bone to grow or like explorers who need to feel the earth they are travelling on, they have a frequent and assiduous relationship with the landscape and the people who shape it. They make holes, but they also dig by talking, by discussing with users of the landscape and with farmers who inherit practices and build it.
They search declarative memory for the materials with which to build their future and answer their existential questions. The hollow forms that emerge from this investigation are like receptacles for stories that fill up and transform. Saverdun is their new playground, and the protagonists are its farmers and the artists from the DLKC workshops.

Exhibition produced by Les Abattoirs in partnership with Saverdun town council, the Département de l'Ariège and Atelier DLKC
In residence at the Atelier DLKC and at the home of farmer Joëlle Rouan,
Sandrine Voile and Thibaud Mehn
Curator: William Gourdin