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Casa93Mirail x les Abattoirs

A unique combination of art, fashion and agriculture

As part of the 20th European Museum Night, Les Abattoirs and the Casa93Mirail fashion school are teaming up to offer an original collaboration in the form of a dialogue between art, fashion and the world of farming.

Come and discover the creations of Casa93Mirail's eco-designers!
Under the direction of Naco Paris, twelve young designers training at Casa93Mirail have pooled their talents to come up with six unique textile creations, combining their worlds and practices with the reflections on the links between art and agriculture presented in the exhibition Artists and Farmers.

Grouped into six pairs, the designers have chosen to reinterpret a work or theme from the exhibition, replaying the aesthetics of the chosen works while pursuing the questions raised by the artists. This conversation between the visual arts, agriculture and fashion, between the artist's studio and the couture workshop, offers a fresh perspective on the exhibition. Embodied in textiles, it also highlights the place of the human and animal body in the artists' preoccupations and in the intimate and collective narratives linked to the reality of the farming world.

A video accompanies the creations of these young designers and looks back on this experience, revealing the stages of work and the creative process that guided their artistic choices.

Creations by Anna, Aurore Salinier Couture, Bathilde Ferreaux, Baptiste Tissonnières, Dimzzoo, Ebenezer, Hadja, Helios, Jeanne Gautier, Kashish Jain, Lise Hubert, Mathéis, Paloma.

They have been presented in direct echo of the works that inspired them in the exhibition spaces during European Museum Night on 18 May, then exhibited on the 1st floor of Les Abattoirs from 22 May to 25 August.

Les Abattoirs and fashion
While fashion has already made an appearance at Les Abattoirs, with a number of emblematic outfits by the artist Niki de Saint Phalle in the exhibition dedicated to the artist The 1980s and 1990s: Art in Freedom, and with Vava Dudu's Dance Textuelle performance in 2023, this is the first time that the institution has teamed up with a fashion design school to produce silhouettes directly inspired by the works. The project is part of the school's drive to offer new experiences of art, and to broaden its view of creation by crossing disciplines while promoting the players and expertise on the regional scene.

Created under the aegis of the ModaFusion association, Casa93Mirail is a training programme dedicated to nurturing young talent in the fashion industry. Initiated by Nadine Gonzalez, this innovative project, initially based in Montreuil in the Paris suburbs, will be exported to Toulouse in 2022 under the name Casa93Mirail. The one-year course is entirely free of charge and requires no formal qualifications. Based on a collective teaching approach and supervised by experts, it aims to identify, train and integrate young creative people while promoting eco-responsible practices such as upcycling.

This collaboration was supported by Atelier Tuffery, a French denim producer for 130 years and a living heritage company, Terre de Pastel /Bleu par Nature, an Occitan pastry-maker recognised as an intangible cultural heritage site. The fabrics were made by Tissages d'Autan, a member of the Virgocoop ecosystem. Virgocoop is a French citizens' cooperative that is revitalising local, ecological and ethical textile chains, from field to fabric.