Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Toulouse, FRAC Midi-Pyrénées

Access and facilities

All rooms in the museum have been designed to meet the needs of visitors with mobility impairments. Les Abattoirs is committed to giving all visitors access to the works of art, especially those for who access to culture is difficult for social or physiological reasons. Special arrangements can be made on request. Guide dogs are welcome.

Maquette des Abattoirs avec ses légendes en braille

Before the conversion, the architects were made aware of accessibility problems. Their work was very much guided with these in mind, and each step of the project was validated by organisations working with the following: The blind and partially sighted, deaf and hard-of-hearing, those with learning and developmental disabilities, and people with mobility impairments.

We can see the result today, the museum and surrounding buildings are easily accessible, making our disabled visitors feel welcome and allowing them to explore les Abattoirs freely.

Thanks to the ongoing investment and ambition of the staff, these elements have now become one of the major achievements of les Abattoirs.

les Abattoirs won the “Atout Soleil” prize in 2014 and the "Des musées pour tous" prize from the
Ministry of Cultural Affairs in 2007.