Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Toulouse, FRAC Midi-Pyrénées

Les états du paysage

From 15 may to 25 june 2019
Centre culturel Henri Desbals (31)
François Malbreil, "La maison abandonnée"

Immediately accessible and necessarily observed, landscape is a genre that has transcended the ages of art history. This exhibition brings together about twenty works from the Abattoirs collection. It gives to see plural landscapes: inhabited, crossed, returned, abandoned, revealed, revisited or imagined. Their common point is what makes screen: do not show everything or say everything, and so let contemplation come to you.

Avec les artistes : Louis Cane, Chahab, Jean-Marc Chevallier, Cirès-Brigand, Beatrix von Conta, Miguel Fraley, Jaroslaw Godfrey, Curt Hamme, André Jacquemin, Sylvie Lemeunier, François Malbreil, Jacques Muron.