Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Toulouse, FRAC Midi-Pyrénées

Exposition en cours

Exposition en cours

En cours

Ed Atkins, Warm, Warm, Warm Spring Mouths, 2013
Through 26 november 2017
les Abattoirs - 1st floor
Les Abattoirs brings together nine artists who use animation as their tool to defy our conceptions of reality. This exhibition shows works from Ed Atkins, Antoine Catala, Ian Cheng, Kate Cooper, Josh Kline, Helen Marten, Jon Rafman, Avery Singer and Agnieszka Polska - all of whom explore our information-loaded era and our place within it. The exhibition raises many questions such as the impact that all these virtual worlds have on our real physical experience Read more
  • Daniel Spoerri, "Alpha-Omega", 1992-93, collection Daniel Cordier @Adagp
Through 3 september 2017
les Abattoirs
Daniel Spoerri (born 1930), founding member of Nouveau Réalisme, will be taking over the basement of les Abattoirs. Rather than just a historical presentation, he designed “les dadas des deux Daniel”, a vast cabinet of curiosities comprising his works, his ethnographic collection and the Daniel Cordier collection; given to the Pompidou Centre and on loan here at les Abattoirs. Read more
  • Carolee Schneemann, Precarious, 2009. Edition 1/6 + 2 EA. Galerie Lelong New York 2016
Through 3 september 2017
les Abattoirs
Girl scout of a generation of feminist artists, pioneer of the performance and relationship between cinema and art, Carolee Schneemann was the attentive and committed witness of the conflicts of her time. In his recent creations, the artist, laureate of the Golden Lion of the Venice Biennale, stages the flow of images and music in the service of his involvement in this video installation that has just been acquired by les Abattoirs. Read more
  • Guillaume Bresson, Sans titre, 2013-2017 (détail), Courtesy Guillaume Bresson et Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris / Bruxelles
Through 3 september 2017
les Abattoirs, Ground Floor
Opening 24 June at 11:30
This exhibition brings together historical works from the collection, recent acquisitions, and the response of artists invited to question the gesture in art today: paint like I move? Like I dance? Like I bleed? Like I live? Read more
  • Judit Reigl, New York, janvier 2002. Dépôt du Fonds de dotation Judit Reigl, Marcoussis aux Abattoirs ©Adagp, 2017 ; photogr. Philippe Boudreaux
Through 3 september 2017
les Abattoirs
Judit Reigl, a recent winner of the AWARE Award, has developed a singular artistic path between abstraction and figuration between surrealism and method since the 1950s when she was spotted in Paris by André Breton after her flight from Hungary. Her work, conceived in series, knew to embrace great moments of the history of the art (surrealism, abstraction gestuelle, representation of the 11 of September) while remaining faithful to his personal commitment. Read more
  • Marguerite Humeau, ECHO, A Matriarch Engineered to Die, 2016, collection Nixon Chustz, Texas (USA) © droits réservés ; photogr. Sylvie Leonard.
Through 14 january 2018
les Abattoirs
A new monumental installation takes the place of Jean Tiguely's Hommage à Yves Klein in the main hall of Les Abattoirs. The French artist presents her sculptural and poetic ECHO, a Matriarch Engineered to Die, a strange elephant which in Humeau's scientific hypothesis, is one of the most evolved creatures. The matriarchal white elephant is equipped with a drip, allowing it to feed on its emotions when it dies. Read more


Roland Topor, drawing published in Hara-Kiri in 1961, reprinted in silkscreen in the portfolio Tirage de Têtes, 2017 © Panique Publishers / Nicolas Topor
From 15 september 2017
Galerie des publics des Abattoirs - Free entry
Vernissage on Thursday 21/09 from 18h
After the tribute to the Bibliothèque Nationale de France with the exhibition Le monde selon Topor, the Fifigrot honors this prolific artist (drawings, illustrations, posters, animated films, television programs, sets and theatrical costumes ...). Read more