Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Toulouse, FRAC Midi-Pyrénées

Host an event

Les Abattoirs’ building offers an unusual variety of spaces for entertaining clients, colleagues, employees, and other guests.

Each of our contemporary spaces can be used to hold cocktail parties, dinners, conferences or meetings. The exterior is also available with its stunning view over the river and the town. All of our venues can be used exclusively or paired with a private tour of the museum.

To inquire further about hosting your event, please contact:
Alessandra Bellavita
Tel.: +33 (0)534 51 10 68

You can also download this pdf (French) on what we can offer (includes photos and prices).

Available space :


The museum’s auditorium is situated in the basement of the building. Warm yet modern, featuring state-of-the-art equipment, it’s ideally suited for meetings, screenings, product launches, press events, and seminars.

- 6 microphones, 3 of them wireless, 1 screen, 1 video projector (we can screen: VHS, DVD, PC, DAT, 35mm), and Internet connection

The stage:
- Width: 10.8 m depth: 3.8 m. Ceiling: 4 m.
- 2 lamp bars, 1 small room adjoining the stage (10 m²)
- A technician can be available during the event.
- Seats: 200
- Cost: 3,000€

Auditorium Auditorium

Le Hall de l’Auditorium

Also on the ground floor, this large space is generally used to entertain guests during seminars.

- Size: 90 m²
- Holds: 60 to 80 people.
- Cost: 800€

Hall de l'Auditorium Hall de l'Auditorium

Le Hall d’Accueil

With the advantage of being bright and easily accessible, the entrance hall is ideal for welcome drinks.

- Size: 180 m² (depending on the current exhibition)
- Holds: 100 to 150 people
- Cost: 2,000€

Hall d'accueil Hall d'accueil

La Salle du Conseil

On the ground floor of the administrative building is a large meeting room. Perfect for meetings or corporate events, it’s bright and modern. In addition to the tables and seating, a video projector is permanently available.

- Maximum capacity: 25 people
- Cost: 1,000€

La Salle du Conseil La Salle du Conseil

La Mezzanine

Both open and intimate, the mezzanine provides an ideal venue for entertaining small groups in the heart of the collection. With a view over the main hall, guests are able to enjoy a private view of the current exhibition during the course of the event.

- Size: 60 m²
- Holds: 20 to 40 people
- Cost: 3,000€

La Mezzanine La Mezzanine

La Nef

The largest space in the museum, the main hall is rather like a red-bricked industrial nave with its high ceilings. This area may be occupied by an exhibition, and so be less accessible.

- Length: 38 m Width: 10 m
- Rates :
- Up to 100 people: 8,000€
- Up to 150 people: 12,000€
- Up to 200 people: 16,000€
- Between 200 and 500 people: 32,000€

La Nef 

La Salle Picasso

The stage backdrop is exhibited here 4 to 6 months per year. This unique space is striking due its high ceiling.

- Length: 15 m Width: 12 m
- Holds: 60 to 80 people
- Cost : 10,000€

La Salle Picasso La Salle Picasso

Les cours extérieures

The outdoor areas of les Abattoirs can also host events in good weather, perfect for large events.

- Optimum capacity: 2000 people
- Quote on request

Les Cours Extérieures Les Cours Extérieures

Other services:


Our guides are at your disposal for your event, allowing guests to explore the current exhibition. The
visit can be adapted to suite the occasion. Outside opening hours, security guards are mandatory. This can be arranged by les Abattoirs at a minimum fee of 250€. This service is tailored to each event.
- Cost for the guide: 220€ (for up to 40 people)

Restaurant l'Hémicycle

Located in the semicircle part of les Abattoirs, our gourmet restaurant can also accommodate groups and bring you ideas and solutions in terms of reception, breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
To find out more: +33 (0)561 41 55 92