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Through 9 february 2019
Bibliothèque des Abattoirs
The Bibliothèque des Abattoirs hosts an exhibition dedicated to Béatrice Cussol. Renowned for her drawings, the artist (born in Toulouse in 1970) is invited to occupy the venue, as well as presenting a collection on books, including her novels and some of her collage notebooks, acquired last year by Les Abattoirs. Read more
  • © S.Léonard
Thursday, december 13, 2018 - 19:00
Bibliothèque des Abattoirs - Free entry
Dernières parties, adaptation of a text by Béatrice Cussol, evokes the exile to an unknown island of women pursuing the utopia of a life without men. This poetic epic is revisited for the stage through a choral device: the author's voice is superimposed on those of readers scattered throughout the audience thus giving substance to the multiplicity of feminine lyrics that weave his story. Read more