Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Toulouse, FRAC Midi-Pyrénées



- What makes les Abattoirs special?

The establishment is unique in that it combines three separate structures which operated independently before the museum unified. These were the Modern art museum, the Contemporary arts centre, and the regional holdings of Contemporary art (the FRAC).

- Why was the former municipal slaughterhouse chosen as the site for the museum of Modern and Contemporary art?

This decision was made by taking into account numerous political and urbanistic factors. Early on, Dominique Baudis (the mayor at the time) voiced his preference for a museum to be built on a pre- existing site. The project coincided with the revitalisation of the quarter (Saint Cyprien), the reconditioning of the river bank, the construction of an urban development zone, along with the arrival of the underground.


- What’s a FRAC?

In 1982 there was a cultural convention between the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and the regional council which was put in place by each region in France. The aim was both to promote and decentralise the holdings.

The FRAC has several objectives:

- To form a collection which represents the art of today.

-To contribute to the appreciation of Contemporary art by making their collections more accessible to the general public be it regionally, nationally, or abroad.

- To support the creation of Contemporary art; creating its own projects, the FRAC is able to choose what is purchased, published, programmed and organised i.e. conferences and seminars, as well as developing relationships with French or foreign artists by offering residencies and coordinating with the public.


- What can be found in the archives?

Our archives collect, manage and conserve any documents related to; les Abattoirs, the other regional establishments (also part of the FRAC), the collections, and what’s happening artistically in the region.

Open from Monday to Friday – 9.30 to 12.30, 14.00- 18.00

Though open to the public, we ask that you explain your research. It is preferable to contact us beforehand to make an appointment.

Contact: - -

Call + 33 (0)534 51 10 64 / (0)562 48 97 97


- Is les Abattoirs increasing its collection?

Yes, we are continually in communication with the FRAC and together we aim to present a vital and dynamic cross section of Modern and Contemporary art.


- Can I join in a visit or workshop with my group if there’s one available when we come to les Abattoirs?

No, the group visits and workshops must be arranged well beforehand.

- When do I need to arrive, and do I need to stay?

The teacher or guardian needs to go to the ticket office not later than 10 minutes before the visit, and then accompany the children to the cloakroom. Our coordinators lead the visit and workshop, but the teacher or guardian must also be present, and the children are their responsibility.

- Can I leave my child with you during the family visit workshop?

No, but an adult can accompany several children or vice versa. “Family” does not have to be just you
and your children; it could be nieces and nephews, friend’s children, grandparents...

- I’m a teacher. Do I need to prepare my educational visit before arriving with my group?

That’s not necessary as the coordinators have everything organised.