Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Toulouse, FRAC Midi-Pyrénées

Special loans from Judit Reigl

From 24 june to 3 september 2017
les Abattoirs
Judit Reigl, New York, janvier 2002. Dépôt du Fonds de dotation Judit Reigl, Marcoussis aux Abattoirs ©Adagp, 2017 ; photogr. Philippe Boudreaux

Judit Reigl, a recent winner of the AWARE Award, has developed a singular artistic path between abstraction and figuration between surrealism and method since the 1950s when she was spotted in Paris by André Breton after her flight from Hungary. Her work, conceived in series, knew to embrace great moments of the history of the art (surrealism, abstraction gestuelle, representation of the 11 of September) while remaining faithful to his personal commitment.