Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Toulouse, FRAC Midi-Pyrénées

Aurélien Froment and Raphaël Zarka

From 23 september 2016 to 8 january 2017
les Abattoirs
Opening Friday September 23 - 18:00
Aurélien Froment, "Werner Herzog", 2002

As part of the 2016 edition of Printemps de septembre, for the first time, this exhibition offers visitors a (criss) -cross section of Aurélien Froment and Raphaël Zarka’s work.

This exhibition stems from Raphaël Zarka and Aurélien Froment’s mutual appreciation for each other’s work. They have both had numerous solo and collective exhibitions, in France and abroad (Centre Pompidou, Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery, The Venice Biennale...). This exhibition at les Abattoirs is one of their biggest yet, both in size and in the number of works on show. They have woven together a captivating web, a shared vision and harmonious journey through which the visitor can discover their work.

This combination is a new event for the museum; not only to have the opportunity of seeing the collective project proposed by two of the most well known French artists of their generation, but also their respective monographs.

Spread over the whole museum, the exhibition displays over a hundred works, some of which have never been shown before.  What starts as a canon for two voices quickly becomes an exponential polyphony. Various subjects and historical figures multiply; for Aurélien Froment and Raphaël Zarka are not the sole authors here. They invite the visitors on a tour of an imaginary museum where the collections are not behind glass but rather reinvented by the works which present them.


Aurélien Froment’s and Raphaël Zarka’s exhibition is co-produced with Le Printemps de septembre.

Le Printemps de septembre takes place from September 23 to October 23, 2016 in Toulouse and the region.


© Aurélien Mole