Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Toulouse, FRAC Midi-Pyrénées

Performance de Donna Kukama

Chapter S: The memories that were hugged by water.
Saturday 3 July 2021 at 8pm
Auditorium des Abattoirs - Free
Donna Kukama, "Chapter Q: Dem Short-Short Falls". Performance (still from 2-channel Video). Bijlmer Disaster Monument, Amsterdam, 2018

On the occasion and within the framework of the launch of the programme "Les esprits de l'eau, Horizons d’eaux #5" and the European Museum Night 2021, performance by the artist Donna Kukama.

For the Festival "Horizons d’eaux", the artist is proposing a collaborative process of writing and healing memories of water, through water. The work follows an exchange of stories with people who have a knowledge and/or interest in the healing properties of water (spiritual or physiological), as well as having gone through a life-changing experience related to the sea or water. The performance presents a simultaneous visual narration accompanied by fragments of sound. In it, water becomes an empathetic observer, a reflection, a distortion, and at times an archive and storyteller through the projected images. The work forms part of a larger ongoing project by the artist, where she is creating a History Book For Those Who Absolutely Need to Be Re-membered.

The book shifts between storytelling, public announcements,  noise, performative monuments, and proposed ‘ways of existing’ in public spaces. Previous chapters have mostly revisited sites of  violence (physical/discursive, personal/public) directed at and  experienced by bodies that do not occupy a “centre stage" in  conventional History books. Its current trajectory is to find moments of healing from trauma, and the creation of archives that allow for new histories to emerge.